Show Title:  Shelter from the Storm : The songs of Bob Dylan
Length of Time: 75 minutes 
Band: Guitar, Drums 
Genre: 1960s Rock
Venue: 75-500 
Suggested Ticket Price: $25-55


It's Bob Dylan as you've never heard him before. Award winning singer Marissa Mulder whose voice  has been compared by critics to Rickie Lee Jones digs into the poetry of the Nobel prize winner and puts her stamp on Dylan's haunting material. Some of Dylan's most Iconic songs were written In the early 1960's, when he was barely 22 years old. Songs like "Blowin In The Wind" and "A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall" became American anthems in the turbulent political climate of the time. These important songs led to a new title for Dylan, "The voice of his generation." Mulder approaches each song truthfully and tenderly with her unique style  and is backed by Mike Rosengarten on guitar and Mike Lunoe on the drums, with exciting, new arrangements that honor Dylan's incredible lyrics. In this powerful show, Marissa will show you why Dylan's songs are timeless and more relevant today than ever before.  Enjoyed by the "Baby Boomer" generation and a young audience alike, this show draws a big crowd and sells tickets quickly. 


Forever Young

Shelter from the Storm

Blowing in the Wind

The Times they are Changing


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