Jimmy Van Heusen

Show Title:  Look to Your Heart : The Songs of Jimmy Van Heusen 
Length of Time: 75 minutes  
Band: Piano, Bass, Drums  
Genre: Swing  
Venue: 75-250  
Suggested Ticket Price: $25-35


Award winning singer Marissa Mulder whose voice  has been compared by critics to Rickie Lee Jones tells the story and sings the songs of Jimmy Van Heusen.  He was a four time Oscar winner and Frank Sinatra's best buddy. Van Heusen wrote more songs recorded by Sinatra than any other composer. He started writing songs when he was just a kid growing up in Syracuse, NY and some of his biggest hits like " Imagination" and " All The Way" he composed when he was just eleven years old!  Can you imagine? He wrote over 800 songs during his lifetime, songs like "Come Fly With Me," "Moonlight Becomes You," and so many  more.  Marissa entertains and tells the untold stories of Van Heusen's mischievous life.  She is joined by Bill Zeffiro on piano, John Loehrke on bass and Rex Benincasa on drums. Come swing with us and celebrate the story and the timeless works of this brilliant man.   Enjoyed by the "Baby Boomer" generation and a young audience alike, this show draws a big crowd and sells tickets quickly.

Come Fly With Me