Ray LaMontagne

Show Title:  Be Here Now : The Popular Songs of Ray LaMontagne 
Length of Time: 75 minutes  
Band: Piano, Cello
Genre: American Folk 
Venue: 75-250  
Suggested Ticket Price: $25-35


Though not a very well-known name, Ray LaMontagne's music is well known and sung around the world.  Award winning singer Marissa Mulder whose voice  has been compared by critics to Rickie Lee Jones, delves into and interprets the songs of Ray LaMontagne, whose music is a mixture of Soul, Folk and Country.  His lyrics are pure poetry and he has been recognized as one of our best Songwriters today.  His songs have been featured in TV shows and films and he has won a Grammy for best contemporary folk album in 2011.  Some of his most well known songs are "Trouble," "You Are The Best Thing," and "Jolene."  Yet despite his growing fame as a songwriter, LaMontagne is an extremely private and shy person who never sang a note or picked up a guitar until he was well into his twenties.  This is a thrilling show and those that may not have heard LaMontagne's music will become instant fans, especially with Marissa's stamp on it.

Jasper Grant on Piano
Eric Wong on the Cello


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